Healthier Lifestyles

Here at Popin, we want to support and encourage healthier lifestyles for all our families.  This starts from when you first get pregnant through your life's journey.

We run groups throughout the year to support you and your family with healthy eating, physical fitness, emotional well-being and advice on stopping smoking.

For more information on any of our groups contact Donna or Liz on 01752 313293

or by email

For the youngest

Donna offers Baby Massage and Baby Talk which is to support you communicating and bonding with your child through the early days of birth.

Liz offers Baby Sing & Sign, which is new here at Popin's.  A fun and relaxing 6 week group for parents with children aged 6 - 12 months, where you and your child will learn to communicate through songs and signs.

We have  new group on Mondays called Baby Buds (Term Time), an exciting new stay and play session for your baby (0 to 1 years) to safely explore a range of soft and sensory toys. At the end of each session join your baby in rhyming and signing.

There is also Chatterbox where you can drop in, meet our staff and the health visitors, or just come along and stay and play